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NOX SHOT (beetroot juice powder) - This proprietary beetroot juice powder is made from only the highest-quality beets carefully prepared using a low-temperature drying process which protects their nutrient value and natural flavor,  as well as maintaining the main key ingredient - natural (dietary) nitrates. Beet is 100 organic and GMO-free with no added sugars, flavor fillers or artificial preservatives. You’ll enjoy the clean and mild taste of this pure and natural product that is a perfect vasodilator supplement enriching your body with nitric oxide. Higher nitric oxide levels result in better blood flow carrying more oxygen and nutrients in your body. Thus, this is perfect drink before power workout (giving you a better pump), endurance enchase, or even weight loss (more oxygen - better metabolism). NOX Shot which is made from natural Beetroot juice powder is indeed a natural pre-workout which will be at its peak consumed 30 minutes before workout and continuously used for at least 5-7 days. Be aware that it may turn you urine pink. 

Serving size: 16gr (1 serving shot)

Ingredients: concentrated beetroot juice powder (100%). 

Use: add water to the bottle and shake well, consume 1 (16g) serving 20 minutes to 3 hours before training and for up to 6 days prior to competition. 

Not reccomended for children younger than 12 years old. 

Once opened consume within 1 day. Store away from direct sunlight at room temperature.

Caution: May turn urine pink.